How to Transform Your Car Into Your Dream Office

How to Transform Your Car Into Your Dream Office

Many seasoned road warriors share a common battlefield: the car. Whether you’re rocking a Bentley or rolling in a minivan, there are several easy steps you can take to transform your car into an optimized office-on-wheels. Whether you’re most productive at an office, at home, or in a car, you’ll want to have an efficient workstation to keep you organized.

Below we’ve included a few hacks that will help you make your car office the best it can be.


Internet Access

The line between a successful or frustrating day at work often rests on internet quality. And just because you are working in a car, there is no reason your mobile office shouldn’t boast some of the fastest download speed and highest video call resolution. Do you have a car with built-in internet access? If so, you may be all set to go. If not, there are a variety of options to help get your car on the grid leveraging your cell plan. You may already have a plan that allows you to use your phone as a mobile hotspot, but if not, you can also add a separate piece of hardware as a dedicated hotspot. The choices are endless, and well-reviewed by PC Mag here.


Portable Printer

Gone are the days of running to the nearest public library or Kinkos to print a last-minute work assignment. There’s a range of amazing compact, portable printers that can be transported with you wherever you go, providing instant support for all of your printing needs. Many are wireless and battery-powered, offering you even more independence. Take a peek at TechRadar’s list of the best portable printers on the market to see the best available options.


Coffee a la Road

Many of us are familiar with the pain of waking up just a little too late to brew that one cup of coffee that’s critical to surviving the morning. You can avoid this torture by purchasing a coffee maker for your car. The options are truly endless, and range in prices and brewing technique so that you can find the portable cup of Joe machine that best suits your preferences.


Jacket Hanger

There’s no second chance at a first impression, and there’s no reason not to have a fresh shirt/blouse or jacket on hand for your next meeting, be it virtual or in-person. Be sure to keep your wardrobe fresh and wrinkle-free with a jacket hanger for your car. Easy to use and install, this tool attaches quickly to the back of any headrest without getting in the way of the driver’s view.


In-Car Speakerphone

If your car is your office, then you’ll need to be prepared to take calls, and you’ll want to do so as safely and reliably as possible. Many states require hands-free phones in moving vehicles, but some speakerphones sacrifice audio quality or their Bluetooth capability can be spotty. Fortunately, in-car speakerphones are an easy solution that can deliver clear sound while reducing echo and feedback, all while allowing you to drive distraction-free.


Power Inverter

Tragically, you can’t charge everything with a USB or car adapter plug. Fortunately, you can use a power inverter to run all your electronics off of your car’s battery. Be sure to double check your driver’s manual to confirm how much power your car’s electrical system has to offer, and consider upgrading to a stronger battery, if necessary.


Car Office Desk

Whether your car will serve as your temporary office for the day or your permanent office forevermore, you need a sturdy surface to rest your laptop, take notes, store your files, and more. The Stupid Car Tray is a must-have tool that can strap onto your passenger seat as a desk to hold your laptop - or lunch! It’s lightweight, durable, easily stowable, and wildly useful. The tray’s design is ideal for securing your things and providing a work surface wherever and whenever you need it. Long days in your car office are better when there are fewer coffee spills or wayward papers running amok.


Make Your Car Office Your Dream Office

If the road is where you spend your business life, then your car office should be able to support your hustle just as well as a traditional workspace. Leveraging some of the many tools can help provide the same perks for your mobile office that you might find in a brick-and-mortar set up. Every road warrior needs a fully-equipped chariot. Deck yours out with the gadgets that will be your best weapons for success.


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