Less mess, less stress.
Levels and protects an empty passenger seat. Also the perfect multi-use tray for yourself and the kids.


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Customer Love
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I never knew I needed this.
"I’m so glad I got this tray. It has for real made a difference! I love how snug all of my things fit when strapped in. Picking up food has gotten so much easier and the best part is that I don’t have to put anything on the floor. Love that it's made in teh USA as well!"
Alessa Schlup
review for: The Classic
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I'm obsessed!
"I have a special needs daughter and she always has to bring a million things with her everywhere we go. I love how I can organize her food, toys and anything else she wants or needs. Goes from the car to the kitchen to the couch! Best buy I have made in a long time!"
Jessika Tejeda
review for: The Classic
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Really the perfect gift
"I've bought one for every adult in my family. Only one of them didn't like the color I picked out for them LOL. But really, everyone has thanked me afterwards and found it useful. I own a restaurant and use it for food deliveries and recommend to take-out customers. Nice job making something new and unique."
Anthony Scalzo
review for: The Classic
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Things stay put!!
It's not stupid in my opinion. So many times it has come to my rescue to hold my phone while charging, to keep my cake box from sliding around, and so much more. I showed it to two friends today, and they were impressed. Love the hand sanitizer too! So convenient. Thanks!
Susan W.
review of: The Elite
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Put it to work.
his stupidly useful product makes you smarter by:
Leveling out the slope in your passenger seat and securing the stuff you need close.
Becoming a necessary road trip companion for yourself and little passengers.
Doing wonders in the home while on the couch, or doing work on your laptop.
The Elite



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The Elite includes a 100% silicone grip mat top, plus a universal seat anchor with quick-release clip for easy installation and removal.

Color Hot Rod Elite
Hot Rod Elite
Midnight Mayhem Elite
Monte Carlo Elite
Dark Moon Elite
Mint Moon Elite
Cherry Moon Elite
Tidal Wave Elite
Tidal Grey Elite
Mint Candy Elite
Koala Candy Elite
Desert Wind Elite
The Superhero! Elite
Speed Racer Elite
Nitro Boost Elite
Checkered Flag Elite
Size Single

🚨 40% off sale!

The Elite includes a 100% silicone grip mat top, plus a universal seat anchor with quick-release clip for easy installation and removal.

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Shipping and returns

Stupid Car Tray is manufactured in Volo, IL. We run inventory every week and ship our orders Monday-Friday at 4pm CST. Expect to receive your order 2-5 days after hitting that purchase button. If for whatever reason you want to return your item(s), simply reach out within 30 days and we'll send you a return label and refund.


17.5" long x 12" wide --- Each tray weighs 2lbs --- 5 different cubbies --- 3 elastic cargo straps included --- Made from high-quality, US sourced polypropylene and rubber --- Hand wash with general household cleaner spray and soft cloth

Why Stupid Car Tray?
Life with it
Save your seats from food stains and garbage
Free your cup holders from clutter
Secure important items for safety while driving
Entertained kids as a food tray and play surface
Lightweight and highly durable for easy transport
Life without
Danger of staining passenger seat and ruining food
Annoying cluttered cup holders
Insecurity when traveling with fragile food creations
Kids have no surface to eat or play on longer drives
The continued void of feeling something is missing in life
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We're not really into hiding things. If you don't find an answer here, write us anytime.
What is the Stupid Car Tray and how does it work?
The Stupid Car Tray is a mini-table with two legs on one end, that will level the seat next to you and add small storage and non-slip features. It can also be used as a lap table for passengers. 

To operate, you simply place the Stupid Car Tray on the passenger seat (legs towards the back). It comes with elastic cargo straps to hold items.
Do I need special tools to install the Stupid Car Tray?
No, no special tools are required.
Where is Stupid Car Tray made?
The Stupid Car Tray is manufactured in the USA. Our manufacturing partner is a 3rd generation injection molding company in Illinois. In these uncertain times with overseas imports, we have the advantage of making our product on US soil.
What if I want to return my Stupid Car Tray?
If you'd prefer to return your Stupid Car Tray, we won't hold it against you ;) Simply contact us through the website within 30 days and we will send you a return label.
How fast will I get my Stupid Car Tray?
We ship at 4pm every Monday-Friday. If you order at 3pm, it heading to you within an hour! Orders typically arrive between 2-6 days, depending on how far you are from Illinois.
How do you clean the Stupid Car Tray?
Although it's dishwasher safe, we recommend simply wiping the tray with a general household cleaner and soft cloth. Too many dishwasher cycles can start to deteriorate the grippy outer ring, so hand washing is the way to go.
Why do you call it Stupid?
We thought you'd never ask! So ... We gave our first prototype to a friend to try for a couple days. When she got back to us, the first thing she said was, "Well, it's stupidly obvious and I love it. I'd take two more for my son and other car." We thought that was a pretty awesome statement which gave us hope to keep going, so we kept the name :)