About Us

"Well, it's stupidly obvious and I love it. I want two more for my kids and other car." – That’s what a friend said to us in the small village of Tower Lakes, IL. From that moment on, not only was a product name born, but an entire mission to fire-up manufacturing in the Midwest USA.

Let's face it - most of us typically do not optimize our space and time in the car. Messes easily accumulate, stains pop up out of nowhere, we use cupholders to store things we’d like quick access to, and then have nowhere to put our coffee or cans. And when there are kids involved, it only gets messier and more difficult to manage.

Then we look over to the passenger seat. So many of us that drive a lot, do so with an empty seat next to us. What if we could put a non-permanent, light weight, durable, easily stowable, stupidly useful tray table next to us? And it leveled the seat, held our pizzas, casseroles, and hamburger/fries? For our kids as well? Ok now we’re talkin’ …


Stupid Car Tray founders


So, we rolled up our sleeves, and designed a product and built a prototype.

After some feedback, we improved upon the original design. We studied rubber durometers to make non-slip rubber feet and a grippy outer ring and added three sets of optional straps to secure the tray to the seat, and items to the tray. We notched the center pocket to fit a phone cord, played with material composites (for a long time) until the Stupid Car Tray became nearly unbreakable, and started rolling out new colors.



The result is something we are really proud of. Not just because we love using it and think it's cool, but because 20+ thousand people do as well. We’ve had a blast sharing the Stupid Car Tray with drivers all over the world, and hearing how it’s made a stupidly obvious improvement for their driving experience. Less mess, less stress.

And just as exciting to us, is that we’re contributing to rebuilding a tumbling manufacturing industry in our home state. We have been working with our partners to visit auctions and buy machinery at a discount from legacy manufacturers who have been liquidating their factories. Out with the old, in with the new!

Buy one or more today through our website here, or on Amazon prime, and join our Stupid family!

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