15 Funny Mom Memes and Jokes

15 Funny Mom Memes and Jokes

According to researchers, women have had to take on the majority of the extra parenting and housework during this pandemic (like they needed a study to figure that out!). And for many, you are still responsible for a job outside your home to help pay the bills. But being a mom is always a big job.

You need a way to let off some steam and get 15 minutes of “me time”. Enjoy these funny mom memes and jokes we found online (plus a couple we created) that made us laugh. So take a break to escape and have a few giggles. Motherhood (and the kids) will be there when you are ready to dive back in.


1. To the guy at the gas station from every mom on a road trip:

2. Mothers and Daughters:

Daughter: “Mom, I need my personal space!”
Mom: “You came out of my personal space.”


3. Can you relate?


4. The Stare.

5. TMI…

6. It sounded like a good idea...

7. Yes, please!

8. When you’re 10-year-old gets a book of jokes and a phone for his birthday.

9. From the moment they’re strapped into the car seat...

10. Blame it on COVID.

11. “I swear Officer…”

12. The more the merrier…

13. Right?

14. Ain’t it the truth?

15. Any way you can get one…

Where we found the fun:

  1. Working from Home from Stupid Car Tray
  2. Knock Knock from Stupid Car Tray

You Deserve More

Being a mom is always a challenge and you deserve more than just a few minutes of memes, jokes and downtime. But unfortunately, the kids have been awfully quiet these last few minutes - and you know that can’t be good. Happy parenting!


Have a road trip coming up? Get some ideas for games and activities to help keep your kids busy along the way. Giving them each a tray for their snacks and stuff can help make the day a little less stressful. 

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