Stupid Car Tray

Stupid Car Tray




***Grip Mat, Seat Anchor, and Cargo Straps now INCLUDED!

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***Grip Mat, Seat Anchor, and Cargo Straps now INCLUDED!

The Need

We set out to make the ultimate car seat organizer to tackle the day to day clutter when hopping in and out of our car with phones, food bags, sunglasses and everything else that winds up in your cupholders or flying off the empty seat. We wanted to transport our takeout food, protect our seats from grease and smells, and create a uniquily portable, easy to clean, tray for both the driver and little passengers to use as a convenient lap tray for roadtrips. We ended up with this versatile product that has become loved internationally and we are proud to manufacture everything in the USA and deliver a personal experience to our 10's of thousands of customers.

Shipping and returns

Stupid Car Tray is manufactured with love and care in Volo, IL. We run inventory every week and ship our orders Monday-Friday at 4pm CST. Expect to receive your order 2-5 days after submitting. If for whatever reason you want to return your item(s), simply reach out within 30 days and we'll send you a return label and refund.


17.5" long x 12" wide x 5" tall --- Each tray weighs 2lbs --- 5 different cubbies --- 3 elastic cargo straps --- 100% Silicone Grip Mat -- Quick-Release Seat Anchor --- Hand wash with general household cleaner spray and soft cloth

Less mess, less stress, clean car!
Your car butler, at your service. Less mess, less stress, and a better time while you drive or lounge.
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Accessories to fit your needs
Stupid Car Tray has a modular design to accommodate your lifestyle.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 728 reviews
Christine S.
It’s not stupid, it’s awesome!

Bought one for me and one for my husband. I love mine, it works great and is exactly what I’d hoped it would be. My husband will usually try something new for a short time, then moves on. But he loves his Stupid Car Tray, too. He had to briefly put it in the back seat to accommodate a passenger, then clipped it back into place afterwards! Ok, maybe that doesn’t sound like much, but for him it’s a sign that he really likes it.

Susan W.
Love my Car Tray!

Love my new card tray! Ever since the drink holder on my console broke I’ve used various Console car cupholders and was never totally satisfied. Now I am. A tad expensive but well worth it, I would buy again!

David E.
excellent product

This is an excellent product! It really enhances the driving experience by making it easier to store items in the front of the car. Highly recommended!

Mike P.

durable. good quality. getting ready to order another

Laura A.
Exactly what I needed!

I've always been frustrated with seat tilt when transporting cakes or other food items. I've used kitchen towels and other various items to try to level things out. Stupid Car Tray is exactly what I needed and it comes in pink!