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Durable. Multiple Use. Local.

Our Entire Collection is manufactured locally in the Midwest USA  🇺🇸 We carefully hand-inspect every product before shipping.

Prevent sliding.

Our very own slip-reduction rubber helps larger items stay in place when making contact with the ring surface.

Hang a bag.

Perfect for hanging a small bag for garbage, or loose items that you don't want on the dirty floor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
It’s not stupid at all. Lol

I love it. No more spills in my passenger seat when I pick up lunch!!

The stupid car tray isn’t stupid at all!!

It’s great for the amount of times we’ve had to eat in our car!!


Got the Superhero one for my nephew and my sister is already in love with it. Got a couple more for my car/home and had to give her jer own. Thanks great gift.

Stupid is as Stupid does?

It's almost worth it just for a pizza that hasn't shifted the toppings to one side on the ride. Held my curbside order Mexican food nicely too. I bought them for my wife, who is in Home Health and lives out of her van, and needed good office space. I never found one that was suitable for her needs and not $100's. I saw this on a Facebook ad and still thought it's maybe kinda high, but pulled the trigger when I found the BOGO deal around Black Friday. I figured she'd get some use out of them as a laptop tray or place to hold her lunch, but I really didn't think I'd be using the other one almost daily. I've already ended up sending a few people to the website wanting them. It's a decent little device.

This thing is Awesomely Stupid

Busy family - often have to pick up food for the family or transport items including food that needs to remain level. the repeated attempts to finagle my bag or anything else i could find in the car under items in the passenger seat- never was a success. Drinks in take out drink carriers - the WORST!! always had to drive with one hand on the stuff in the passenger seat (trying to turn while trying to stop the drink carrier from tipping sucks!) or insist someone come with me to hold things. I order 2 Custom made cakes a year for my kids bdays- i always have to drag someone with me to hold it in the car for transport home. the cakes normally run about 5-8 lbs. My daughter’s forearms had to be kept at a 90° angle to keep the last cake level on a 30 min drive. she was sore for 3 days! I saw the Stupid Car Tray in an ad that popped up in my FB feed. I was intrigued. Always the skeptic- i researched it and read a ton of reviews. Finally, bit the bullet with the Thanksgiving sale. It gets the job done!! Everything balanced & secure. No more holding drink carriers with my right hand & no more accidental spillage in my passenger seat! Cake transport a breeze now- and no extra passenger needed to hold! Customer service is also excellent! Needed help with my order and got great service from person named Elizabeth! Thank u!!👍👍