Durable. Multiple Use. Local.

Our Entire Collection is manufactured locally in the Midwest USA  🇺🇸 We carefully hand-inspect every product before shipping.

Prevent sliding.

Our very own slip-reduction rubber helps larger items stay in place when making contact with the ring surface.

Hang a bag.

Perfect for hanging a small bag for garbage, or loose items that you don't want on the dirty floor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Thomas H.
Gift items

All my "kids", ages 24 to 35, are in need of exactly this product. Wish they existed when I was younger.

Great gift!

My son is a photo journalist and videographer who works from his car. A lot. I'm hoping this will work well for that! I bought one for myself and am very impressed with the sturdiness. I'm lovin' it!

So far so good

So far, nothing has slipped off. (My purse tipped to the side when I made a turn, but it was close enough to the door it didn't spill...but I can't blame the product too much as my purse isn't light! I've made adjustments on how I set it on the stupid car tray and has seemed to fix that issue.) I was even able to use it for the birthday cake I bought for my aunt. I strapped it down just in case. It didn't move and it was squashed against the sides of the lid by the time I got home. I also didn't have to worry about it while I was driving which was nice! The only reason I knocked it down a star was the price point and the phone cord slot. While the product does as it says, I'm not sure why it costs so much. My first reaction, prior to use was, why did I pay so much for this? Again, so far the product works as advertised, it just seems a bit high in the price for a product that has a simple design. On to my next point, most phones are quite large and when I put my phone in the slot intended for charging, I found I had the rest my phone above the slot so that the charger wasn't bending just under the port, which kind of negates the cord slot. I will say, it's nice to free up a cupholder though. Usually if I'm charging my phone in the car, my phone goes upside down in the cupholder. On another note, I did have to contact customer service, and they did get my questions/ concerns resolved quickly both times. So, that was nice as well. Over all, I really have liked this product and it works well so far.

Wanda D.
I love it!

Keeps drinks from spilling onto my car seat.

Michele N.

I am a baker and deliver cakes. I was using a bottled water at the back of the seat to keep cake level, the stupid car tray is a God send !