Durable. Multiple Use. Local.

Our Entire Collection is manufactured locally in the Midwest USA  🇺🇸 We carefully hand-inspect every product before shipping.

Prevent sliding.

Our very own slip-reduction rubber helps larger items stay in place when making contact with the ring surface.

Hang a bag.

Perfect for hanging a small bag for garbage, or loose items that you don't want on the dirty floor.

Customer Reviews

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All I need, well-crafted, less bulk, modestly priced and easy to use and remove.

Auto desks can cost upwards of $200, with gobs of space for filing folders and books, slide out trays and brackets for printers and pads. Fine, but that’s overkill for me. This tray is perfectly designed for what I need — a flat surface that grips, with an elastic strap to hold things down if needed, that easily attached and unattaches, and comes in a color compination that works for me (instead of just black and wood). I got the full kit, with the gripper surface and the red T-bracket you slide in the seat crack to make attachment a snap. And if I need to store files and books, I’ll get a file bag that attaches to the seat back, both easily removable, less bulk, and both, together, costing less than half what a full blown desk does. Better costing less, go figure! Very happy.

Love it!

Took a small tray of cupcakes to a friend. No straps, just set it on the Stupid Car Tray and it didn't budge through the twenty minute trip! So handy for keeping sunglasses and phone safe and handy too!

I love it

I love my car tray. I had parts missing and I contacted them and they sent them right away. Great customer service. Thank you

Auction item

I. Bought for an Autism event I going to auction off $50 going to auction off

Favorite quarantine purchase!

I bought one of these back when the pandemic first hit, and just love it! Bought 4 of the deluxe ones when they were BOGO, gave a couple to my mom and brother and kept 2 for me, just so I could switch it up a little, and so we would have these awesome trays for road trips. The only thing I would like to see, it would be great if there was a way to adjust the “legs” on the tray. My seat isn’t as deep as some, so the tray still tilts slightly to the front of the seat when in use. Most of the time it’s not an issue, but sometimes the cheese on the pizza slides in that direction, especially when it’s fresh out of the oven and really hot. Perhaps if you could adjust the leg less side somehow, this would be absolutely perfect! For now I just prop that end up with an Altoid tin to level it out.