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Durable. Multiple Use. Local.

Our Entire Collection is manufactured locally in the Midwest USA  🇺🇸 We carefully hand-inspect every product before shipping.

Prevent sliding.

Our very own slip-reduction rubber helps larger items stay in place when making contact with the ring surface.

Hang a bag.

Perfect for hanging a small bag for garbage, or loose items that you don't want on the dirty floor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Just what I needed

Living out in the sticks, nobody delivers. Spent a lot of time gearing up all sorts of other supports and storage for driving accessories, but picking up dinner, especially pizza, became a balancing act of random stuff on the seat to remain mostly level for a 15+ minute drive. What good is a pizza when all the cheese has slid off because the box fell off the seat or tilted really far? If for not other reason, this thing pays for itself quickly with just that as an idea. And you just can't beat being made in America. Especially in harsh economic times.


Quick, easy, good quality.


While I like it and it’s very convenient, if you’re a single person in the car it’s great, if you often have a passenger, it has to be removed or relocated prior. It would be excellent in a work vehicle. It’s made well.

Not a bad little contraption!

I don't secure it. I just "sit" it in the seat next to me when I need to grab takeout or anything that has liquids or spillables. Makes things a LOT easier bringing it all up to level. I just secure the load with a seatabelt (my stuff usually has a bit of height to it) and I"m good to go without "sloshing" up the vehicle. The straps are a really nice plus when the need arises. It's truly a great idea!

Very Useful

The tray is very useful especially the tie down to keep boxes in place