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Stupid Car Tray

Stupid Car Tray – Passenger Seat Saver and Organizer

★★★★★ 2,000+ Trusted Customer Reviews

Stupid Car Tray – Passenger Seat Saver and Organizer

  • Works on any sloped passenger seat
  • Saves your seat from stains
  • Organizes clutter and frees up cup holders
  • Necessary for adults, fun for kids

★★★★★ 2,000+ Trusted Customer Reviews

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“So happy I purchased this!
I waited a while to purchase my Stupid Car Tray and I don’t know why. I just love it. Has helped with transporting cake and other things without me having to worry about them” - Elizabeth P.

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Welcome to Stupid Car Tray!
It is made in the USA and was invented by 2 neighbors who literally thought of the idea of the Stupid Car Tray over their backyard fence. The idea was stupid simple - keep a Pizza Box perfectly level on the drive home from the restuarant. What they invented is not only a great solution for keeping pizza or any take-out stable and secure on the drive home, or a great way to organize and stabilize important things on your drive, but a product that is so simple and versatile that it makes everyone say “Why didn’t I think of that”!

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We have thousands of raving customers just like you!
Susan Carter
Something Stupid that Makes my Life Easier

“I love it. Don't know how I didn't get one earlier. Stupid easy to use, stupid helpful. Definitely recommend to all my friends.”

Mae Suppawitz
A New Family Favorite

“Sent you a video because this is literally the new favorite thing in our lives right now LOL. I bought 3 and don't regret it for a second. My son wrote his name on his so his sister won't take his!”

Renee Z
Love my Stupid Car Tray

“Love it!! I work in a surgical office and since COVID-19 the staff has to social distance during our lunch breaks. A lot of us eat in our cars! And this is why I bought you product!! I love it!!!”

Rich Nance
Really handy

“Finally, i can put something on my front seat and KNOW it's going to be there when i get to my destination… Bringing pizzas home has ALWAYS been a issue - see the picture! NOT ANY MORE”

Made in the U.S.A
Grippy outer ring
5 utility cubbies
3 Elastic hook-and-loop cargo straps
Fits any
passenger seat

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