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Great Product!

I’ve been very happy with my stupid car tray! It has made picking up lunch for the office much easier & given me more storage space when I drive!

Nifty gadget that literally fills a niche.

Wish the platform was a bit more rigid, but overall a great help. The flat tray is great to hold stuff flat and level...ish. The Stupid cup holders are awesome! no more listening to my thermos play chimes against the seatbelt.

Anything but stupid

This thing is one of the best purchases I have made. The straps are so secure. I'm a professional baker, and that ad for pastry chefs is no bull. I recently got the large cup holder and mug holder. I have a huge water bottle that has never fit anywhere in reach, until now! I plan on getting a set for my sister and my mom to help keep their cars less cluttered

Great Idea

I love the idea of the Stupid Car Tray. I bought it to donate to a Silent Auction fund raiser so I'm not sure how it is in action. But from what I can tell as I see and hold the actual item, it's a terrific way to keep things off the floor.

Great tray

It comes in very handy. Plus the colors match my car. I got the bundle I would recommend it with the extra bigger cup holders and skid proof mat. If u ever decide to make an even wider one I would get that too.


Stupid Car Tray is as advertised - a perfect companion to hold everything I need when on the road in town or out. It holds a hot Crock Pot of cheesy potato soup perfectly level - no mess on my leather seats. Well worth the money. Thank you.

Does everything I need it to do perfectly.

My cars backseat has no armrest/ cupholders and I have been looking for something for my kids during road trips. So glad I purchased this. The bottle holders work great and the non-slip pad is a life saver for holding phones/ switches.

Great tray I love it

My passenger seat was always my catch all for the day and now I have a tray with big cup holders to organize it yay!!!


Great product, good customer service. Thanks!

Nice product wish the legs were adjustable still sits at a slant had to boost it with a rolled up hand towel to make it level I deliver for Door dash and it works well for that pourpose.

Drink Holder Bundle
Lorretta W.
Stupid Tray

Like it, wished it came in other colors to better match interior. Function is pretty good, definitely like the hooks on the end for holding a grocery bag or two. I would purchase again.

Stupid Drink Holders

Drink Holder Bundle
Pretty handy little device

I bought two one for each vehicle they are great! Wish the one spot was bigger to keep my phone in place but other than That it’s a pretty handy little tray!

Drink Holder Bundle
LorraineRobert K.
Love this freaking tray

❤️❤️I use this tray almost every time I drive. It holds 4 large drinks very well using the velcro strap, plus 2 more with the large cup holders. Highly recommend if you pick up food/drinks weekly or daily. Let me know how to send you pics of tray with drinks. Thx stupid car tray!!! 🎉

So helpful!

I love to road-trip, and it’s great for that! Keeps my snacks level and the non skid top keeps them where they belong. The extra cup holders are great for my big traveling water bottle too!

The Classic
Melissa S.

I have been known for chasing a Facebook Ad...only to find out it's crap or a scam. This time I did my homework and decided to take a chance. I am so glad I did. I purchased the full bundle and LOVE it. It holds my 32 oz water bottle and I can finally use the coffee cup with the handle! It is easy to remove when I have a passenger, too.

Love it!

So useful & handy especially for coffee drinkers with yeti mugs or big water bottles! Strap is also convenient when you have multiple drinks in a drink tray! Definitely a great gift!

Useful and pretty

I love this tray. It keeps my phone and keys corralled and even keeps papers from sliding off. The cup holders are wonderful at preventing spills--no more holding drinks with one hand while making turns. The colors match the interior of my truck. Wish I'd had it years ago.

Great Surprise

Better quality than I thought and fit in small seat was great. Gave a set to my new daughter, some say in law, but she loves it also with a normal work commute of 45 mins.

Love this!!

Best thing ever!!!

Drink Holder Bundle
Jennifer L.
No more dumped-over purses!

My favorite feature of the Stupid Car Tray that I had not anticipated was that my purse, no matter how big or heavy, does not turn over and dump its contents into the floorboard! There is an extra Stupid Cargo Strap that I attached to the headrest of the passenger seat, which holds the purse straps and the rubber mat of the Stupid Car Tray keeps the whole thing from sliding. As an added bonus, the extra large drink holders keep my Nalgene in place and gives my favorite travel mug its own home. Thanks guys for all these Stupid Products!!

Love them!!

Got them for the whole family for Christmas. Love the 4 we bought direct, wanted a tan one and could only find it through a third party… didn’t come with all the goodies of the ones bought direct and it cost just as much. Buy direct!! 😀

Ultimate Bundle

The Classic
Worked Perfect

Turns the passenger seat into a level, flat surface and protects the seat.

Custom Mug Bundle
Patrick k.

Thought the safety strap was included