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Perfectly Compliments the Tray

The pad is easy to install and keeps things on the tray. The cup holders work perfectly to secure various things including drinks

Grip Mat - Custom Molded Silicone and Adhesive

Drink Holder Bundle

Useful that

This makes some activities easier to do while in the car. Good product! I recommend getting the grip.

Love it!!!

Goofy as can be and totally awesome!!! Works great!!!! Got one for my wife, too.


I actually ordered this cup holder as a storage for little things I need to have in my car! Love it!

Great tool

I bought three for each of my vehicles, love them.

Stupid Car Tray

This The tray is awesome. I just received two cakes for Mother's Day and they fit perfectly on the tray.

Quality products

I enjoy tray and all the products that came with it.

Helps - In multiple ways

The Tray helps in transporting all sorts of stuff in a safe manner- drinks, snacks, meals and fancy cakes to a party. All arrive safe and easy. The Tray pretty much lives on passenger front seat of Jeep. I got the drink/cup holders and silicone pad for even more versatility and enhanced usability.

The Classic
James H.
Very useful!

Keeps all my stuff…glasses, phone, wallet…easy to reach and not sliding around.

Best Ever!

I bought this after several driving trips to FL. Without this it was so annoying that items I needed kept going under seats or away from me. I bought this stupid car tray and it is amazing!! Everything within my reach without the I have to have this.. where did it go? Love this tray!!!

Safe Travels!

Love my tray! Just added the sticky mat. Very happy with it!! I'm on the road all the time , and this tray really works for me!!! Here's a pic of Stupid Tray keeping $65 worth of Chinese food safe and yummy !!!

Drink Holder Bundle

Just as described

Love it!

Tray is terrific

Only wish it came with two straps so I can switch from one car to another but works great

Definitely NIT a stupid tray

Despite a few negative reviews, I decided to take a chance and order the stupid tray anyway. I am very glad I did. When I am traveling alone, it is the perfect accessory to have in the passenger seat to hold the things I need close by. The tray and cup holders are made of a very sturdy, thick plastic and you would have to run over it with a truck to even come close to destroying it. The cup holders are no ext to the seat so it helps keep the tray in place. I have not had it slip at all. I use it to hold all kinds of things from snacks to cell phone to ink pens and mp3 player. The molded square holders on the top are a bit shallow but I haven't had them fail to hold what I put in there. Haven't tried it with pizza yet but I can't wait to try it. It does take up some room when not in use (not foldable) but the functionality and sturdiness of the tray makes it totally worth it. Not sure where the negative comments came from...maybe they expected the tray to make breakfast too?? Lol Different strokes for different folks. For me, it is exactly what I was looking for.

Practical for seats without a console

Easy to install. Provides a stable cupholder platform for rear seat occupants accustomed to a rear seat center console.


Love this product. Use the large cup holder for glasses, pens, utensils, and more.
Built well and keeps my cat carrier level, Joe appreciates that!

The Classic
Gary S.S.

Great product. Works in passenger seat perfectly.

The Classic
Angela D.

Finally, things quit turning over and dumping their contents all over the floor in my car!! My 32 ounce drink stays upright; the cargo strap holds up my teacher bag and now pens, pencils, and papers stay where they belong! And the hooks on the end? Now my groceries don't fall over. I am extremely pleased!!

The Classic
Lisa K.
Worked perfectly

Recently took a road trip to family by myself. This a great addition. Held my drinks. Platform for my purse. Somewhere to set a snack. Stayed in place without Moving at all. Highly recommend.

I love this thing, it holds huge cups

I’ve only had this thing for a week I think I’ve used this nearly every day. The strap is so useful and I love the huge cup holders

Surprising well made and functional!

I thought this would be an internet piece of crap, but thought for the low price I'd give it a try. I am pleasantly surprised to find it is well made, secures in place and perfectly functional!

The Classic
Love this tray!

I purchased mine a couple of years ago and it has made my life so much easier. Initially, my best use was to transport flower arrangements in vases. Without the SCT, it was always a tricky situation. I just purchased another as a birthday gift for a friend. Thanks for a great product.