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Love it!!!

What I knew I needed but didn't know it was out there

I do food deliveries, sometimes part times sometimes full times. So for me , I want my customers food to come in as unshaken as possible... for pizzas not to be slid to one end. And we all know our seats don't sit flat for us. It's perfect for food delivery not so much. I was constantly trying to find something to fold to put under that end so things would sit flat...And then Like a rainbow in the sky it just appeared. I took a few days to think about it and then I said why am I waiting? i have been complaining about this for a long time. So I ordered it, and it took only a couple days to get here. it seems sturdy and fits well on the car seat. I just got it so I haven't used it yet but it's already sitting in my car, ready to go. So for me, I'm happy about it. I don't think the cupholders are necessarily going to be what I need because I need the flat space more, but that might be an option for me when I'm not driving deliveries... And my roommate was hilarious when I got home and she said you got a box delivered that said stupid car tray😆

Love it!

Love my tray and the additional cup holders!

Seat Anchor
Patrick M.
Great gift

Love the idea of the tray uses. Could not wait to get one as a gift for a family member.

Quality Product and Great Idea

I am very glad I have a Stupid Car Tray, with two cup holders and non slide mat surface. The tray fits well in my passenger seat and it is easy to remove when a passenger is there.
But I do have some minor issues. I think the non slip mat should part of the package. It is a large item to try to center on the spot where it will adhere and I know mine is slightly off which is annoying. But the mat is key to using the tray and prevent sliding of smaller items.
The cup holders are very large which is great for larger drinks. I use mine to hold extra water and an insulated cup for hot cups rattle like a peanut in a boxcar inside these amply sized holders.
Overall, it was a great purchase.

Perfect for nothing to slide in your side

Drink Holder Bundle


The Classic
Ted L.
Fantastic Product

Great Product I Nowmnhave 2 Stupid Car Trays the new one has the grip pad easy to install

The Classic
Love this tray

Works well. Nicely built. And cute color options. Great to keep food items level. And the gripper mat is a must, so glad that I got that.

Nice product

Love the cup extender. It fit my huge custom mug. And it's fairly easy to use and fit into the car cup holder.


Everything seems to work fine. The only thing I don’t like is the cup holders are big and you can’t adjust them for a smaller cup

Stupid Xspander
Desiree S.
We love our Stupid Car Trays and cup holders!!

We commute many miles a day...the trays and cup holders are so helpful and convenient!!

Seat Anchor
September H.
Ordered the connecting belt.

I LOVE my Stupid Car Tray! This is the second set! I couldn’t find the connector after a road trip with hubby ( he always wants to sit in front! 😝) I do love the quick delivery a reasonable price. Don’t know why every car doesn’t come with the Stupid Car Tray!

I love stupid

I live outta my car ( not literally) you TRY to be neat. But, stop short or take a corner, something goes flying… or because seats are not flat, slide down, tip over, etc… Enter Stupid Car Tray…Best purchase ever

Drink Holder Bundle

Love the tray

My wife got this for me for Christmas as I drive for a living and it's been great to organize my stuff on the passenger seat and reduce stuff flying around the cabin. We recommend it to everyone

I’m the stupid one for wasting money on these. The drink containers do not fit any water bottles or other containers that I’m familiar with - they flop around and if you hit a sharp curve, forget it. They are in my recycling bin. That tray is impossible to secure in my car. Live and learn. I fell for an Instagram product.

Mikey likes it

Just got it the other day and put it in my truck passenger seat. Like it so far. I got the non slip mat option and that works well too. The cup holder hold my big coffee mug and my big water bottle too. Nice

This mat is so great. It holds everything secure and doesn't slide around. We love them. I would buy again when I need another one

This is perfect to keep things on the seat without sliding everywhere. The only problem with it is that people think I should move out so they can have the front seat. I do wish there was a removable holder in the snack cup. I don't put snacks directly in it, but it still gets dirty. It's just a pain to wash, and then remember to take back out to the car. I bought 3 one for my two kids and myself. My husband asked where his was, and he drives a pickup he doesn't need one. I loved that they came in different colors so no one can walk off with the others saying it's theirs.

Still not big enough for my 40 ox, Non-Stanley thermoses, but the gripper mat helps keep them straight up. They are top heavy, so they still require a hand when stopping.

This keeps my purse from flying off the seat. For that alone, it’s totally worth it!

I love this! I haven’t had a spill since I got it! I’m so happy.