Cake Madness Competition


What is this event? 

This is a competition for bakers of all levels to show off their skills with baking Stupid Car Tray themed pastries (Cakes, Cupcakes, Pies, etc.)


Virtual pastry baking competition from your kitchens!

Key Dates:

Submission: Opens 2/25 through 3/14

Voting: Begins 3/19 through 3/29

Winners Announced: 4/2 at 3pm CST


1st Place: $400 Amazon Gift Card and a Plus+ Tray

2nd Place: $100 Amazon Gift Card and a Plus+ Tray

3rd Place: $50 Amazon Gift Card and a Plus+ Tray

How to enter:

  1. Fill out and submit photos/video to the following link before 11:59pm CST on 3/14:
  2. Please show the cake in a car, ON the Stupid Car Tray
  3. Please show the cake in your kitchen 



Summary (*Please read!*): 

Thank you for your interest in competing in the first “Cake Madness” presented by Stupid Car Tray! We’re excited to review your submission.

To enter, please make sure you submit your cake pictures and video from 2/25 through 3/14. 

After you enter, our team will be reviewing all submissions to select those who will advance. 

Once our team chooses the submissions to advance, there will be the main voting from the general public that’ll run 3/19 through 3/29.

If you are selected, we encourage you to share the voting post on your personal page and ask your friends and family to vote! There will be a link to the voting platform posted on Facebook and our website. Please sign up for our mailing list and like our social media pages (@StupidCarTray) to stay up to date on where the voting forms will be posted! 

We are running a sale of up to 33% off selected trays. 

If you submit a photo with your cake on a Stupid Car Tray, you will get 10 extra votes from the SCT team! 

Winner will be announced on 4/2 at 3pm CST!

Thank you again, and good luck!!!


The Stupid Car Tray Team