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Durable. Multiple Use. Local.

Our Entire Collection is manufactured locally in the Midwest USA  🇺🇸 We carefully hand-inspect every product before shipping.

Prevent sliding.

Our very own slip-reduction rubber helps larger items stay in place when making contact with the ring surface.

Hang a bag.

Perfect for hanging a small bag for garbage, or loose items that you don't want on the dirty floor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Stand up company!

The product works exactly as advertised and is great . I received one unit with a broken part and sent back a pic of it, didn’t really have any effect on its overall function but they sent a free replacement in 4 days! Wasn’t expecting that but really appreciated that leve of professional courtesy! Hoping they’ll make a cup holder that can nest or latch onto the stupid car tray, I’d be all over that in a second!

Sometimes it’s good to be stupid

So far we have been very pleased with our stupid car tray. It works well and fits on the seat nicely. My only complaint (not even a big complaint) is that the top is slick so bags slide easily, but the rubber ring helps keep them from falling off.

Fantastic product!!!!!!

This is a fantastic product! We use these all the time. The kids love them, we eat on them do activities with them. We even use them on the house on movie night. They are durable and are made very well. I HIGHLY recommend these Stupid Car Trays.

Perfectly stupid car tray

It is exactly what I expected and wanted it to be

Love it!

I love my stupid car tray. The Velcro straps are great to keep stuff in place...lunch orders, my purse, anything I carry in the car. It has been used many times since I got it. Not stupid at all!