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The Mug Bundle is the best way to keep your car clean, organized, and clutter-free. Custom built for the front (or backseat) of your car, the Stupid Car Tray features leveling legs and organizer cubbies so you have a stable place to store your daily essentials. Also featuring two Cargo Straps, you can rest easy knowing your stuff stays secure (off the dash and floor mats).

Don’t worry: the newly launched Cup + Mug Holders are included in the Ultimate Bundle PLUS a stainless steel Perfect-Fit Travel Mug, so you can take your large water bottle and cup of joe wherever you go. 


  • Seat Anchor

  • Cargo Straps (x2)

  • Cup and Mug Holder

  • 14oz Perfect-Fit Travel Mug


  • The Mug Bundle is the most affordable way to get your Stupid Car Tray + every accessory. If you'd like a Perfect-Fit Travel mug at a discount, check out the Mug Bundle!

  • Built with high-quality, durable materials your Mug Bundle is easy to clean with some 409 and a little elbow grease. We do not recommend washing your Stupid Car Tray in the dishwasher.


  • The Mug Bundle is perfect for food delivery, cake decorators, ride-share drivers, daily commuters, and van-lifers. Its versatile design makes it the best car accessory for anyone spending serious time behind the wheel.

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1. The Stupid Car Tray is manufactured in the USA. Our manufacturing partner is a 3rd generation injection molding company in Illinois.

2. The Stupid Car Tray is 17.5" long x 12" wide x 4.5" tall on the side with legs.

1. Installing the Stupid Car Tray is easy and does not require any tools. You can view a demo video here.

2. Although the tray is dishwasher safe, we recommend simply wiping the tray with a soft cloth and general household spray cleaner, such as 409. Too many cycles in a dishwasher begins to deteriorate the grippy rubber around the tray, so hand washing is the way to go.

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Larry G.
Great item for anyone

This tray was brought in front of me on Facebook.
I thought it was nice and took a chance on its purchase.
Well, I must say it blew me away.
Thought went into this item and accessories.... I use it when alone in the car and my girl uses it too.
When we are together we put it in the back seat for use there.
I wish I had another piece to go I to the back seat as well.
It is perfect for riding around and I ordered another cup for when we travel together.
Very handy main strap for transporting stuff that must be food or documents.
I will tell many people about this item and also didn't have to wait 30+ days for it to come from China. I got the tray within 4 days!
That's a big selling factor..
The name is catchy but it is not at all stupid! Thanks!

Terry R.

Looooove this tray!! Definitely getting another for my wife

Brandon B.
So stupid cool, it’s stupid!

I feel really stupid that I didn’t invent this. I also feel stupid that it took me this long to get one. Actually, I have for now. I haven’t even anchored it to the seat yet, but I use it every single day. I didn’t think I’d use the straps that Velcro over items, but they came in quite handy, strapping down camera equipment, and take out food.
I have so many ideas for attachments. A chip and dipped attachment, a phone attachment, so many ideas.
Everyone needs one of these. Even if they don’t need one, they totally need one.

Shane R.
Work van approved

I use this in my work van to hold my iPad and lunch box. Cup holders large enough to hold a yeti tumbler but they do come out with bottle when I lift it.

Oliver D.
Nifty gadget that literally fills a niche.

Wish the platform was a bit more rigid, but overall a great help. The flat tray is great to hold stuff flat and level...ish. The Stupid cup holders are awesome! no more listening to my thermos play chimes against the seatbelt.

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